LILCA Bill of Rights

LILCA has adopted a Bill of Rights and Responsibilities developed by Susan Burger and Freda Rosenfeld of NYLCA, so clients and providers have a better understanding of mutual expectations. The LILCA Bill of Rights is based on the code of ethics and the scope and standards of practice for International Board Certfied Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). 


You have the right to a lactation consultant who:

is courteous and prompt
If a lactation consultant cannot respond to your request for services within a reasonable amount of time, she should offer other options for you to locate the services you need including referrals to other lactation consultants.

verifies her certification status upon request.
 A lactation consultant certified by the International Board of Lactation Consultant Examiners (IBLCE) is registered. You can request to see her IBLCE card or contact the IBLCE to verify her certification status.

describes services and fees before meeting with you.
The Long Island  Lactation Consultant Association (LILCA) expects its members to provide you with information about:
o    assessments and techniques she may use,
o    the estimated duration of your meeting,
o    the rate for services (based on time or number of visits), and
o    acceptable form(s) of payment.
It is not always possible to predict supplies and equipment that you may need prior to a meeting with a lactation consultant.

protects your privacy.
The IBLCE Code of Ethics and the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) in the United States have established guidelines to protect the privacy of health information.

provides information and documents.
LILCA expects its members to provide you with:
o    a written or verbal action plan developed with you,
o    receipt for your payment, and
o    a signed form with diagnostic codes to submit to your insurance company (If you are attending a group setting, you may need to request these documents.)

cooperates with other health care practitioners.
LILCA expects its members to:
o    communicate, as needed, with other health care practitioners involved in the care of you and your baby, and to    refer you to other professionals outside her scope of practice.

provides services without coercion.
LILCA expects its members to provide their services to you even if you choose to refuse:

o    to be examined by students, photographed, or videotaped
o    participate in group demonstrations or research, and/or
o    any or all specific techniques, actions, supplies, or equipment suggested by the lactation consultant.



In return, you should: 

be courteous and prompt. 
If you cannot keep an appointment with your lactation consultant, you should notify her in a timely manner so she can reschedule other clients. If you are late to an appointment, keep in mind that she may not be able to fully compensate for your tardiness. 

respect her professional qualifications. 
Your lactation consultant is professional, not a volunteer. As such, she has the right to charge for her services and provide services to the full extent of her scope of practice as a lactation consultant.

promptly pay for the services she renders. 
You are obligated to pay your lactation consultant the agreed upon fee(s):
o    when services are rendered, or
o    if you abruptly cancel an appointment without adequate notice.
As with any health care service, she cannot guarantee a specific outcome. Do not expect her to provide services beyond her scope of practice. Do expect her to charge a reasonable price for any additional supplies and equipment you may choose to purchase from her

respect her privacy standards.
Your lactation consultant is not allowed to discuss her interactions with other clients in a way that would violate their privacy. If you are in a group setting please respect the privacy of others attending the group. 

take responsibility for how you use the information and documents she provides. 
Your lactation consultant is not responsible for any negative consequences should you deviate from the agreed upon plan.

Apart from providing required documentation, she is not responsible for ensuring coverage for her services since your health insurance is a contract between you and your insurer.

If you need additional copies of any documents, she may charge a reasonable administrative fee for providing those copies. 

not hold her accountable for the actions of others. 
Your lactation consultant is not responsible for the consequences of medical diagnoses, treatments, suggestions, or prescriptions recommended by other health care practitioners, friends, or relatives. 

respect her obligation to provide evidence so you can make fully informed decisions.
Your lactation consultant is obligated to help you make fully informed decisions by providing evidence. Evidence-based suggestion may sometimes differ from the opinions of others who have less expertise than lactation consultants. As long as she allows you to make your own decisions without depriving you of services, she is not coercing you if she merely makes suggestions or asks if you are interested in volunteering for training, educational or research purposes


New York State has developed a Breastfeeding Mothers Bill of Rights. Babies are protected from discrimination when they breastfeed because legislation protects their mothers' rights to:
o    feed them in public
o    express milk for them at work